Adding A Signature to WPBICO Email

The following article will help set up your signature which can include your title, phone number, or any other content you want to display. Let's take a look at the instructions below:  

1. First thing you'll want to do is login to your webmail account by going to  and in the upper right hand side next to your username click the drop-down to access the Settings menu.

2. Select Composing Email, located in the left pane and then select the Signatures tab located in the window. Next, select the Add New Signature button.

3. In the Add New Signature window, enter a descriptive name for your signature. In the Edit Signature area, enter the text for your signature as desired. You can use Plain Text, HTML, or rich text with the with the formatting options available in the editor (e.g., bold, italics, colored text).

Note: If you switch to Plain Text, you will lose any HTML formatting you have applied. 

4. Select the OK button to return to the Settings window. Click the name of your signature file from the Current Signatures list in order to select it and choose any of the additional options below.

  • To automatically insert the signature when composing a new email, select the "Always show signature when composing an email" check box.
  • To automatically insert the signature when you are replying to an email, select the "When replying to an email, insert my signature" check box. Also, specify whether the signature should appear above or below the body of the message.
  • To automatically insert the signature when you are forwarding an email, select the "When forwarding an email, insert my signature" check box. Also, specify whether the signature should appear above or below the body of the message.


5. After you've selected your signature options, select Identities, double-click on your email address and enter the following information in the spaces provided. When you're finished, select OK.

  • Full Name - This will appear in the "From" field of messages you send.
  • Email Address - Enter the email address that should be displayed as the "From" email address.
  • Reply To - Enter in the email address that you want recipients to use when they reply to your email message. If you leave this field blank, the address you entered in the Email Address box will be used automatically.
  • Default Signature - Select a signature that should be used with this identity.

6. To change your default identity selection, click once on the identity as it appears in the Current Identities box, select the Set as Default button, and then select the Save button when finished.

Note: When composing an email, you can change identities by clicking the From drop-down menu in webmail, which will appear at the top of the Compose Email window.

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